Fifteen Years and a Sea of Tears

Every year on this day

It seems like only yesterday


Those towers so tall

Were caused to fall


Friends, colleagues, and those that I knew

Disappeared in an instant from everyone’s view


The thousands that perished on September eleven

Occupy a very special place in heaven


Over the years, many died in the aftermath

Thousands more succumbed to the hatred and wrath


While the anniversary conjures the memories back

Each day I live with the pain of that attack


I was fortunate; God allowed me to remain

The price is the scars, a constant source of pain


Last year I returned for the very first time

To the site that was the scene of the crime


The memorial and each of the plaques that I saw

Brought back feelings and anger at the greatest flaw


My fingers touched the 54 names of those I remember

I keep them alive in my heart; each a burning ember


The sadness has always been difficult to shake

For years I saw each in every snowflake


I continue to dream of the day that everything changed

And look for an explanation for those so deranged


To take away life, parents, children, siblings, and friends

The reasoning is something for me that transcends


I continue to live with faith and hope

That the events of that day shall fade and I’ll cope


It’s been fifteen years

And, I’ve cried a sea of tears

God Bless those lost on 9/11 and those who have given their lives for our nation…

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