Trump and Russia – Bloomberg’s Author Misses The Real Point

March 19, 2016

Trump and Russia – Bloomberg’s Author Misses The Real Point

  • An article casts a shadow on the candidate
  • The press does not want President Trump
  • The political base does not want President Trump
  • The people are voting for him
  • Democracy – means the people choose

This election is like no other in my 56 years. I have lived through 11 administrations. I grew up in a political family in Brooklyn, New York. During childhood, even though I could not vote, I remember listening to the political discussions, everyone had an opinion and sometimes things got quite heated.

Every four years, Presidential election night was an event in my house. My parents would bring in pizza and we would sit around and watch the returns. It was exciting, there was always an air of optimism, hope and a celebration of the democracy in which we lived. It was different for my parents than it was for me and my younger brother. They grew up in an era of World War, an era where tyrants and FDR’s fireside chats dominated the radio waves. Television was a new medium, so the pictures accompanying sound in our living room was a new experience for all of us. As someone who has watched 14 Presidential elections, I have never seen anything like what is going on in the Republican Party in 2016.

Donald Trump entered the race as one of a huge field of candidates in June.  Most wrote him off as a joke, a billionaire bent on gratifying his own ego. However, Trump has succeeded in trumping the field. After the Florida primary and with 20 state primaries in the rear view mirror, he leads the field and has become a force in American politics. Trump came to the game with an advantage. He had the number one TV show in the nation, The Apprentice. His name is plastered all over buildings across the nation. Trump came with huge name recognition. The image is tough and unyielding, a leader. His supporters hope he brings the “you’re fired” philosophy to Washington. In a year where politics is a four-letter word, Trump has captured the anger, hopes and capitalized on the fears of many Americans. He is a threat to the establishment in business, politics and the press. He is a threat to foreign leaders. He is unpredictable and he is original. Trump is a populist. The United States has not seen the likes of a Trump since Teddy Roosevelt.

Many have jumped aboard the Trump freight train but others are doing everything they can to try to derail it.

An article casts a shadow on the candidate

Although he recently ruled out a third party run for the highest office in the land, Billionaire and ex-Mayor of New York City has not hidden his disdain for Trump. I am quite sure that he will use part of his billions to run defense via a super pac against the potential of a Trump Presidency. He may be wasting his assets.

BloombergView featured an article on March 15, the day of the Florida primary, written by staff columnist Josh Rogin. Trump’s Long Romance With Russia attempts to highlight a conflict of interest as Trump has a relationship with Russia based on mutual respect and interests. However, Rogin states that “At minimum, there is the appearance of wrongdoing: The candidate’s foreign-policy positions are conveniently aligned with his long-standing business agenda. But what’s good for the Trump Organization isn’t necessarily good for America.” This is not the first time that the press has cast a dark shadow on Trump. The examples are countless. One thing is for sure, it will not be the last.

The press does not want President Trump

Most politicians treat the press with respect. That is because politicians, even the best of them, are whores and the press is their pimp. Excuse me for being rude, but the press has a stable of these politicians who provide content and fill their air time so they can sell ads. The press loves to bring out the best and most controversial among them to boost ratings. The politicians need the exposure and are dependent on the media for an opportunity to get their message out. Trump differs. He does not need the press at all. In fact, Trump has turned the concept of the power of the press upside down. Trump’s appearance in the initial debates brought 15 million viewers, an unprecedented number. Trump’s outrageous daily comments ate up all of the other candidate’s air time around the clock for months. The reason: people wanted to hear what the man said. Trump has been able to pimp the press.

When Howard Stern broke all records on radio in the early 1980s he did the same thing. Some people loved him, some hated him but everyone wanted to know what he said. Trump has done to politics what Stern did to radio and each left all competition in the dust.

The press is accustomed to controlling information flow and most politicians play that game because they must. Trump does not have to; if the station wants ratings they must cover Trump because if they do not, someone else will. I am quite sure that those channels are not giving the Donald appropriate airtime have seen ratings drop. He is a master of the media, from print to television to social media. He is a master of the tweet. He is a consummate plain speaking American, even if he says bizarre things once and a while. He has dominated and controlled the press from the first moment of his campaign.

The political base does not want President Trump

If the press does not like the Donald, the political elite hates him. The vitriol has been unprecedented. Never has a front-runner in a Presidential election received such negative reception, from his own party. As a last gasp to derail the runaway Trump train they pulled Mitt Romney out of mothballs to take him on. Trump went on winning. The political elite is afraid of Trump, they know that this ‘boss’ will not put up with business as usual in Washington D.C. The lobbyists that control the politicians don’t want Trump because he cannot be bought, he finances his own campaign. The Republican-backed, Anyone but Trump faction, has spent enormous amounts of money on negative ads. All the while, Trump keeps winning. Now they pin their hopes on a brokered convention.

The Democrats have taken him on, but that it to be expected. Trump’s message may be the polar opposite of Democratic challenger Bernie Sanders’ but there are subtle similarities. Trump appeals to those left out by the government. He appeals to those sick and tired of politicians. Populism is support for ordinary people. Trump’s language, mannerisms, nonfiltered speech and anger has direct appeal across the nation. He comes across as real. He has tapped into a vein and connects with many ordinary Americas and that scares the wits out of Republicans and Democrats alike. If Trump plays his cards right, and so far he has, he could get lots of cross-over votes in the general election because the nominee of the Democratic Party has favorability issues of her own. Therefore, Donald J. Trump is a threat to the political base of both parties in the United States.

The people are voting for him

Trump is redefining the Republican Party, not because of what he says or does but because he is bringing disaffected voters back to the polls and new people into the party. Voting turnout during the primaries has been massive. They are not typical republicans, they are Trump supporters. They want a leader, a bully and a winner. They are fed up with diplomatic politicians. They are fed up with gridlock in Washington. Remember, three of the four leading candidates in the primaries are true outsiders. That means that the votes received by Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz and the Donald amount to a vast majority of the American populous. Hillary Clinton is the only establishment candidate. While she is the first woman to ever run for the highest office in the land as the nominee of a major party, she is running in a year where anger trumps the feminist appeal of her candidacy. Barrack Obama won the Presidency on a populist message and he was the first African-American to seek the office as the nominee of his party. The time was perfect for President Obama. The times are different now.

On the Republican side, Trump has the most votes so far. However, on both sides in the aggregate, people are voting for the outsiders and if Trump is the last man standing he has an excellent chance of becoming the President of the United States of America.

Democracy – means the people choose

Democracy means that the people choose their leaders. The people are angry and this time, they want real change. In the hope of that change, they are willing to gamble. The founding fathers were not political elites, they were not proper and they were not controlled by lobbyists.

The founding fathers of our nation were a group of young men with a vision. As idealists, they were able to rise to power on a populist platform to fight and secure independence from England. In many ways, Donald Trump has succeeded in convincing many voters that he can do a better job than other traditional politicians, that he can “make better deals” and that his only interest is to make “America great again”. In many ways, Trump has more in common with the Founding Fathers of this nation than any of his competitors including Hillary Clinton. It is that appeal that makes him a formidable candidate. If the Democrats underestimate Trump, they may find themselves on the pile with all of the seasoned politicos he has knocked off over the past nine months.

The article in BloombergView was another attempt by the media to discredit Trump. The media believes that his implosion is imminent and they have all along. The media has been wrong and the article about Trump and Russia misses the point. What Rogin tries to do is argue his boss’s political view. He fails because the American people are hungry for leadership and Trump’s dogma is succeeding. While every word of the article may be true, those voting for Trump do not care. That is the very essence of the Trump phenomenon.

Nothing on this site should ever be considered to be advice, research or an invitation to buy or sell any securities and is strictly the opinion and thoughts of the  author.

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