Nature’s Beauty – A Paradox

September 11, 2014

‘Twas a sparkling morning the day was so clear

The kind of daybreak that makes life so dear.


The tall buildings of the metropolis reflected the early sun

It was a day not for work but created to cherish and have fun.


As I walked to the office I paused and I thought

What a wonderful world the Supreme Being had wrought.


This day is not meant for work it is not meant for stress

This day is meant to be treasured it is meant to be blessed.


At 7AM the city was just awake

With the beauty of nature that cannot be fake.


Against better judgment I went into work

The summer just ended I could never be that kind of irresponsible jerk.


I thought to myself I will leave after noon

To enjoy the weather and crystal blue sky that brings life to my soul and makes my heart swoon.


Not for second not for a flash

Did I think the unthinkable could come to pass.


Within a heartbeat the day was transformed

From the beauty of nature and life to another, most horrible form.


As the planes crashed into the tallest buildings with the greatest of ease

The beauty of the morning became a great tease


I stood in amazement my head tilted upward to the sky

And watched for the souls trapped on the highest of floors that were certain to die.


The faces of the firemen, police and those who were trained to respond

Bravely rushed up stairs and into the great beyond.


The black smoke that rose, the ash and buildings that fell

Transformed the sun, birds and clear sky into a living hell.


The relatives and friends of the innocent who perished on September eleven

Stood motionless as those they loved prematurely went to heaven.


Years have now passed since that fateful day

Life has been altered in every conceivable way.


The act of a few in the name of their God brought horrible death

It took life from many and robbed others of breath.


As an eyewitness to the massacre of two thousand and one

Beauty and innocence was forever lost in a bright paradoxical September sun.

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